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Try our NZ created and managed Online CV Builder!

Our New Zealand developed online CV Builder will help you to get a great new CV (Curriculum Vitae) today. Better to buy kiwi than try an overseas CV Builder,  do you agree?

You will soon have the perfect CV and the job interviews will be rolling in.  

We want you to have the best CV you possibly can so please try us with no obligation. Click on the big red button to start creating your CV. We will then present you with your completed CV in 15 different styles.

If you like what you see then our Advanced CV Builder package is just $24.95 and you can pay and download on the spot. It is that easy.      

Options allow for life-time access, as many future updates  as required. And with Advanced package you can download your CV in up to 15 professional styles in PDF, MS Doc or Docx.
I used this CV Builder to create my CV and I thought it was really good. I was not really sure what to do but the online help make it easy for me. 
 - Ally M, Retail Store Assistant
I recently left school and had no CV and no idea how to prepare one. The CV Builder pretty much helped me do everything. 
 - Debbie Y, School Leaver
This CV Builder is great for those who have a good grasp of what they want to say but who are not quite sure how it should all look. I like my new CV. 
 - Thomas T, Sales Representative
View our 60 second CV Builder demo video
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  • The economy in New Zealand is booming but economists say there could be hard landing once temporary factors ramping up growth wear off
    25th Aug 2014
  • Employment growth slowing, wage growth up slightly and the unemployment rate tipped to reduce slightly
    22nd Aug 2014
  • Cool new jobs being advertised on trademe now
    22nd Aug 2014
  • Human Rights Review Tribunal case something for employers and employees to be aware of for the privacy of your CV
    1st Apr 2014
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Do you need our help to create or update your CV?
For many people our automated online CV Builder is not the answer and they need our help to create a brand new CV or to update an existing one. We are happy to offer our expert assistance to help you quickly and easily.
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Preview our NZ template formats
Feel free to view before you buy. Here are some examples of what you will receive once you our CV Builder. You will receive all 15 templates if you sign up to the Advanced package.

Click here to view all 15 styles available.

Cover Letters & Interview Questions and Answers
At NZ $NZ2.00 each you can get a pack of 25 typical Interview questions and answers and/or a package of 10 cover letters. These can be bought by themselves regardless of whether you also are creating your CV online. .
Our Kiwi CV Creator
More and more Kiwis are starting to use an online CV Maker to build their CV (Curriculum Vitae). Savvy job hunters are finding out that just creating their own CV from a random free template you find on google is just not going to get you the results. 

You can use our site that is New Zealand developed and knows exactly what Kiwi recruiters require. We will help you to understand what detail is needed and we will complete it all there and then for you in a very short time.