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Update your CV today with NZ's leading online CV Builder

Our New Zealand owned and created CV Builder will help you to make your CV (Curriculum Vitae) online in around 15 minutes. You will soon have the perfect CV and the job interviews will be rolling in.

A huge percentage of CV's are so poor that they get immediately get ignored by recruiters. So, use our CV Builder and that will not happen to you. Do not delay, do it today!     

Options allow for life-time access, as many future updates  as required. And with Advanced package you can download your CV in up to 15 professional styles in PDF, MS Doc or Docx.
I used this CV Builder to create my CV and I thought it was really good. I was not really sure what to do but the online help make it easy for me. 
 - Ally M, Retail Store Assistant
I recently left school and had no CV and no idea how to prepare one. The CV Builder pretty much helped me do everything. 
 - Debbie Y, School Leaver
This CV Builder is great for those who have a good grasp of what they want to say but who are not quite sure how it should all look. I like my new CV. 
 - Thomas T, Sales Representative
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News Headlines
  • Human Rights Review Tribunal case something for employers and employees to be aware of for the privacy of your CV
    1st Apr 2014
  • Some relief for 100,000 low-paid workers with an increase in the minimum wage
    25th Feb 2014
  • 125 employees learn of the closing of the Hutton's and Kiwi Bacon factory in Hamilton
    12th Feb 2014
  • In the last 3 months of 2013 employment increased strongly, but wages not so much
    7th Feb 2014
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Do you need our help to create or update your CV?
For many people our automated online CV Builder is not the answer and they need our help to create a brand new CV or to update an existing one. We are happy to offer our expert assistance to help you quickly and easily.
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Preview completed CV template styles
Prior to using our CV Builder we want you to be confident that the CV you will receive is of a high standard. Here are some examples of what you will receive.

Right now, we allow you to download in up to 15 styles under the Advanced package.

Click here to view all 15 styles available.

Cover Letters & Interview Questions and Answers
For just NZ $NZ2.00 each we can provide a selection of 25 commonly asked Job Interview questions and answers and/or a package of 10 cover letters. You can purchase these with or without also creating your CV online. .
Our CV Builder
More Kiwis are now seeking the services of a professional online CV Builder or CV Creator to help them prepare their CV (Curriculum Vitae) online quickly, professionally and easily. 

Our site is locally built and the innovative CV Builder will do all the hard work for you, it will prompt you for all the required information, give online help and it will format everything for you in a large range of styles.

So, if you need a high quality CV we invite you to use our CV Maker and in less than 15 minutes you will have your professional  new CV.