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Update your CV online to 2015 styles and guidelines today!

Create, or update, your CV with our NZ made online CV Builder. Replace your out of date CV today with one designed for 2015.  

Use our extensive online help plus you can choose from 100's of example skills, you just click to add.  
Click the red box now to start your CV with no obligation.

Our CV packages cost from $9.95 to $16.95. Pay by debit card, credit card or Paypal only after viewing the finished CV online. Then you can download your new CV in 15 different styles.

Your new CV will be available as MS Word doc, docx or PDF. Our Advanced CV Builder package allows you unlimited free future access to update or create multiple versions.  

Not yet convinced, what about this?
  • Feedback is our CV's do get results. Recruiters like our easy to follow CV styles
  • Recruiters also like how we always prompt for the important detail to be included
  • If you have questions at any time our New Zealand team of staff can help to get it sorted
I did not really know how to make a CV so I used this CV Builder and it as so fast and easy and has already helped me obtain some interviews. 
 - Yogesh P, Recent University Graduate
I liked the online help and how easy it was to add the information to my CV. I would recommend this CV Builder to anyone 
 - Suresh T, IT Support
I used the CV Maker and it was good, there were help screens and some skill examples to choose from that I just had to click on if I thought they were a match for me. Saved me heaps of time. 
 - Andrew F, Sales Representative
Leading Kiwi CV Builder
Our CV Builder can provide you with a professional CV in no time at all, and all very easily.

Personal details; there is only certain detail you should include, our online help will clarify what is and is not needed in a New Zealand CV

Employment Experience; the CV Builder will suggest how many years back you show and our examples provided will clarify how to write your responsibilities precisely

Strengths; we have a database of examples that might suit your own skillset, if they are a match you tick a box and they get added to your CV automatically

Achievements; the CV Builder provides examples of the types of achievement suitable to highlight in your CV to evidence your capabilities

Other information; there may be other specific content that would be good to add to your CV such as interests outside the workplace or technical skills, the CV Builder will make suggestions to guide you
Do you need our help to create or update your CV?
For many people our automated online CV Builder is not the answer and they need our help to create a brand new CV or to update an existing one. We are happy to offer our expert assistance to help you quickly and easily.
Let us help you now
Preview our NZ template formats
Feel free to view before you buy. Here are some examples of what you will receive once you our CV Builder. You will receive all 15 templates if you sign up to the Advanced package.

Click here to view all 15 styles available.

Cover Letters & Interview Questions and Answers
At $NZ2.00 each you can get a pack of 25 typical Interview questions and answers and/or a package of 10 cover letters. These can be bought by themselves regardless of whether you also are creating your CV online. .